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Eating and drinking

You don't go to the Arl HÔTEL like you would to a restaurant: the atmosphere is more relaxed and the setting more flexible. The rule is "come as you are and do what you want".


Wake up refreshed with our buffet breakfast every morning.


We meet up after work to have a drink with friends or colleagues, read a book, work between 2 appointments, have a snack on the go, or organise a business meeting.

Evening stopover & half board

Don't feel like going out for dinner? Let yourself be tempted by our freshly concocted menu of the day (book before 2pm).


Organised trips, school trips, meetings with friends, seminars, sportsmen and women... Arl HÔTEL loves to see you sharing good times together!

Gastronomy that amazes, moments that bring people together.

At any time

Arrive late, leave early, feel hungry at any time... We've got the solution! A vending machine and microwave available 24/24, catered meals and soups available in the shop or waiting for you in your room...

Eating & Drinking