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Espace (Co)llab'


What is the (co)llab' space? At the Arl HOTEL, we compare it to a laboratory: a place set up to carry out experiments (according to Le Petit Robert), but with several people, in teams, with customers or colleagues... did you get the pun?

L'espace (Co)llab' de Arl HOTEL, c'is a multi-purpose venue designed to stimulate creativity and encourage collaboration. Imagine stepping into a dynamic room where ideas merge and projects come to life.


At the heart of this space, you'll discover a flexible layout that adapts to your specific needs. Need d'an amphitheatre configuration for a striking product presentation? Don't worry, our seats can be arranged in rows to welcome your audience in style.

Envie a more intimate atmosphere for a strategic team meeting ? We can easily transform the space into a warm setting with tables and chairs arranged in a circle to encourage discussion and collaboration.

Looking for an environment conducive to learning and training? Our room can be converted into a classroom, with individual tables for each participant and an interactive board to illustrate your ideas dynamically.

And why not explore even more creative possibilities? Our (co)llab' space is also ideal for for art workshops, where participants can let their imaginations run wild in an inspiring and comfortable environment.

So whether you're organising a team meeting, a masterclass, a product presentation or a training session, our versatile meeting room is ready to accommodate all your ideas and turn them into reality. And when the space isn't booked, you're welcome to telework, in a stimulating environment that encourages productivity and inspiration.


A modular, multi-purpose venue

From 4 to 50 people in amphitheatre mode

Equipment on request :Video projector, flipchart, 45″ screen: available free of charge on request when booking

1/2 day € 65

Full day €95

Private evening: €115

Breakfast/snack: €5/person



  • +33 4 90 18 97 10