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For all your team


Sports enthusiasts will find the Arl HÔTEL an ideal place to rest and recharge before and after their competitions.

Preferential rates on accommodation: take advantage of preferential rates on accommodation, making your stay affordable while enjoying optimum comfort. Our spacious, fully-equipped rooms are designed to meet the specific needs of sports enthusiasts, providing an environment conducive to relaxation and recovery.

Adapted Facilities for Your Sports Equipment : Our facilities are specially adapted to accommodate your sports equipment. Whether you're storing your bikes, your tennis equipment or preparing your diving gear, we've provided secure areas to ensure your precious possessions are protected. What's more, our modular spaces allow you to get together for your pre-match briefings and debriefings.

Energy Restoration Options : To prepare you for the challenges ahead, our team offers you energetic and balanced catering options. Hearty, nutritious meals made with quality ingredients will help you recharge your batteries and optimise your sporting performance.

Strategic location close to sports venues: Located close to the region's main sporting venues, our hotel offers easy access to your competition venues. There's no need to waste time on transport, so you can concentrate fully on your mental and physical preparation for your performance.

Whether you're a professional cyclist, an avid tennis player, a seasoned skier or any other sportsperson, the Arl HÔTEL is your ideal partner for a stay focused on performance and well-being.


Room facilities :

  • TV 45
  • hair dryer
  • sockets and USB sockets
  • WiFi
  • bed linen and towels
  • liquid soap and shampoo/shower


Room with 1 to 3 beds

Bus, car and bicycle parking

Balanced and adapted meals

Low rates

Adapted breakfast

Near the Fournier stadium


  • +33 4 90 18 97 10


Sports group