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Saintes Maries de la Mer

The village is the stuff of legend. At the dawn of Christianity, its shores welcomed Marie Jacobé, Marie Salomé and their servant Sara, persecuted Christians fleeing Palestine in a rudderless boat. The village offers visitors the image of its haughty, protective church, and promises a visit full of emotion in an ever-changing light.

In the shadow of its Romanesque bell tower, visitors stroll through the cobbled streets, following in the footsteps of the pilgrims. From the roof of the church, with their eyes on the lookout and their hair blowing in the wind, they are swept away by the emotion of the wide open spaces, future scenes of discovery and warm encounters with the men and women of the manadiers who ride their horses across the pastures of bulls destined for a glorious future.


Things to see and do

From the village, visitors can follow their footsteps towards the dunes, the fine sandy beaches, the vast expanses of reeds and the manades. Lovers of nature and wide open spaces can enjoy the pleasures of walking and horse-riding, admire the ballet of the birds, and indulge in the exhilaration of sailing and gliding in strong winds.

  • The ninth- and twelfth-century church overlooks the village and can be seen from 10 km inland.

  • Guardian huts

  • Horse riding

  • Gypsy pilgrimage