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The Camargue

Our hotel in Arles is the ideal base for visiting the Camargue. Between the Mediterranean and the Rhône delta, the Camargue is a vast wetland area, with landscapes shaped by the river, the sea, the wind and the sun. Human activity and nature conservation are inextricably linked in this area of fragile balance. The Camargue Regional Nature Park was created to ensure the sustainable development of the area. Many of these natural areas have protected status: they are classified as Natura 2000, Biosphere Reserve, Marine Reserve, etc.

Explore the Camargue and you'll realise that much of its landscape has actually been shaped by man. The area is ideal for salt and rice production, as well as fishing and farming. When you think of the Camargue, you immediately think of Camargue horses and bulls. But many other species have made their home in this vast natural area. This is true of birds, including the Camargue's emblematic bird, the pink flamingo.


Things to see and do

Visiting museums or natural areas, walking, cycling or horse-riding between the sea and the lakes, taking the tourist route or relaxing on the beaches... it's up to you to put your visit together, always bearing in mind that preserving the beauty of the Camargue is also your responsibility.

  • Etang du Vaccarès, heart of the Camargue National Nature Reserve

  • The salt marshes to the south

  • Beaches and dunes stretching for 50 km, including Beauduc beach

  • The Camargue Museum, gateway to the Regional Nature Park

  • Pont de Gau ornithological park

  • Camargue racing, a traditional sport but also a cultural art form